Namibia Post Launched Personalised Stamps

\"\"In a first for Africa, Namibians and tourists can have their faces put on stamps alongside some of Namibia\’s famous natural landmarks.NamPost, in partnership with one of Namibia\’s top tourism companies, the Gondwana Collection, launched the personalised stamps a day before the start of Namibia\’s largest tourism gathering, the Namibia Tourism Expo.

Festus Hangula, CEO of NamPost, said at the launch that the personalised stamps will allow people to have their photos printed on stamps next to Namibian tourism hotspots.
The stamps were designed by acclaimed Namibian artist Helge Denker, whose stamp designs have garnered two world prizes in the past two decades – for the most beautiful stamp in 1999 and 2003 in the stamp world cup.

Denker designed five stamps which can be chosen to go along with a personal photograph: they depict scenes at the Fish River Canyon, Etosha, a rhino in a communal conservancy, Sossusvlei and Twyfelfontein.The stamps can be obtained from post offices or at Gondwana accommodations, where the buyer\’s photograph is taken and the stamp is printed within minutes.

\”Imagine living in Europe and receiving a postcard from a family member or friend who was on holiday in Namibia – with their own picture on the stamp, right next to a striking image of a Namibian landscape,\” Hangula said.

He said the personalised stamps can be used \”on anything from wedding invitations to corporate mail, from personal letters to bank statements\”. Manfred Goldbeck, managing director of Gondwana, said the stamp launch goes hand in hand with plans by the company to open a stamp museum in the next year.He said the museum \”will be built together with new accommodation facilities, the Namibia Roadhouse, 60 kilometres north of Sesriem and Sossusvlei\”.

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