4 Responses to Is there any Philatelic Bureau in Delhi?

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  2. Sainathphila says:


    well same was my surprise when I saw it first. Cities like Jaipur, lucknow, kanpur etc have a beautiful philatelic bureau but to our disguise the capital of this country does not have a bureau but only a counter, but India post claims it to be bureau. The only problem in Delhi bureau is that it is full corruption, I have experienced it from my own eyes and I could not do anything about it. It is bad. I know many people in Delhi who get stamps from Delhi bureau in huge number and are not available in bureau for collectors and then they sell it on high price. The online post office was a ray of hope but final result was useless for collectors.

    In between for certain months the scenario was controlled when a new post master was hired but again its the same.

    Well we can only hope that we have a bureau which is free of corruption.

  3. Rahul says:

    Yes you are right Sainathphila, I have faced it they refused me to give Krishna Dev Rai MS while on the other hand they provided nearly 5 MS to another boy when i asked why you are not giving me even 1 MS they told me that treasure was closed so you would have to wait till 12’o clock if you want to get it.
    The behave of these guys are not good they pass comments if you want to get any information.
    Through your website I want to make a request to Post master or Director of Indian Philately for kindly appointing honest and good person in Sansad Marg Philatelic Bureau.

  4. naresh agrawal says:

    Philatelic bureau or counters at places have become trading points for some dealers who have in other words,purchased the persons sitting there.Hence, getting the required material from there is out of question. well, “Diye Talay Andhera”…….so is the case with Delhi.I have personally not visited the Delhi Bureau but heard a lot about the said so called bureau. from other friends who have the imemorable experience of visiting that bureau.

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