MF Husain:A Philatelic Tribute to Picasso of India

\"\"MF Husain contributed a lot in Indian Philately.Some stamps designed by him are treated\"\" as rich heritage in philately.He designed 4 Indian stamps in 1982 and 1988. Maqbool Fida Husain (1915 –  2011) commonly known as MF, was an eminent Qatari painter of Indian origin. He has been regarded as the \”Picasso of India\”.

\"\"Husain was associated with Indian modernism in the 1940s. A dashing, highly eccentric figure who dressed in impeccably tailored suits, he went barefoot and brandished an extra-long paintbrush as a slim cane. He never maintained a studio but he spread his canvases out on the floor of whatever hotel room he happened to be staying in and paying for damages when he checked out. He created four museums to showcase his work and had a collection of classic sports cars. Enormously prolific, a gifted self-promoter and hard bargainer, he claimed to have produced some 60,000 paintings, amassed a fortune but maintained a bank balance of zero. After a long career, in 1996, when Husain was 81 years old, controversy arose over paintings originally created in the 1970s. After legal cases and death threats in his home country, he was on a self imposed exile from 2006. In January 2010, he was offered the citizenship ofQatar , which he accepted. He died in London on 8thJune 2011.

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4 Responses to MF Husain:A Philatelic Tribute to Picasso of India

  1. Sainathphila says:

    Its a pity on us, or I can say on our government, they should be ashamed, A jewel like MF has died in foreign land. Our people are only interested in money and they have no consent for art. It is not the first case, There were many like MF who were just left over by the government in the old age. We all know what happened to Ustad Bismillah Khan, the great musician. I hope things become better for everyone.

  2. DR PRADEEP JAIN says:

    Our government wants those gangstars and terrorists back who are in their wanted list not the gems like MF.Nobody in our country is bothered for such talents.


    M.F.Hussain. One of India`s best known painter artist-certainly.
    Mr. Hussain while he so very well understood the limitations of the creed he was born into-sadly, he had no understanding of the sensibilities of the majority`s of the LAND he was born in.
    While in exile he so diplomatically expressed his desire to return to
    India. He never emphatically sad that he wanted to return to his MOTHERLAND.

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