Liechtenstein:Definitive Stamps on Butterflies

\"\"Liechtenstein released a set of 2 definitive stamps on butterflies. Stamps depicts two more harbingers of spring, the Orange Tip and the Peacock.

The \”Peacock\”, (face value CHF 2.20) from the Nymphalidae family was the \”Butterfly of the Year 2009\”. Since because of global warming this butterfly now regularly forms a second generation in the late summer, it has been chosen to draw attention to the consequences of climate change.

The Orange Tip Anthocharis cardamines (face value CHF 5.00), whose German name the \”Aurora\” Butterfly was inspired by the goddess of the dawn, can be observed in spring in large swarms in Liechtenstein\’s valley landscape. Both males and females of this species have white wings, the outer half of the forewings being coloured orange only on the males. The irregular yellowish/dirty green and white speckled pattern on the underside of the hind wings is however common to both sexes.

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