Slovenia:Stamps on Trees

Slovenia  issued  two stamps on 27th May 2011 in the Europa series featuring two trees –\"\" BEECH TREE and THE SGERM’S PINE to mark 2011 as an International year of Forest.

BEECH TREE-The beech is one of the most common tree species in Slovenia, accounting for a full 30 per cent of the country’s entire tree stock. It is the main or a mixed species in 70 per cent of Slovenia’s forests.
The beech is a deciduous tree with a large crown and exceptional leaf density. A full-grown hundred-year-old beech has a crown with a volume of 2700 m3. During the vegetation season that crown emits 1.6 kg of oxygen into the atmosphere every day.
THE SGERM’S PINE-The Sgerm’s Pine in the Ribnica Pohorje is an exceptional tree. At 61.8 metres it is the tallest pine tree in Central Europe. Its height was measured precisely in 2006 using the right triangle trigonometry method. It is a slender, sky-scraping tree with a huge root structure and root ball which anchor it into the Pohorje soil.

It is a tree of the past. Approximately three hundred years ago a seed fell onto the fertile soil and the pine began to sprout and grow higher and higher. Today it is a natural monument.

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