ePostoffice Comes Alive:PhilaMirror Explores Philateists\’ Problems

The online philately portal of the India Post, \”epostoffice\” is back on track now. It ran in to some unknown troubles with the \”Payment Gateway\” some time back.Hopefully problems with the payment gateway are completely resolved. Services like \”purchasing stamps online\” seems to be back on smooth channels and let us hope it will continue getting better.

Majority of the philatelists across the country have found this online stamp purchasing system quite cumbersome with its uasbility . Phila Mirror has been witnessing many such issues faced by philatelists as they keep reporting their inability to get themselves registered on the epostoffice portal of the India Post.\"\"Why this is happening? Is the portal really problematic? or is it the fault of philatelists?

Philamirror took the task to test it by itself. What we found is here;

  1. The epostoffice online portal created by the India Post is a website created with \”flash\” and therefore like all such sites, needs better internet speed to download the pages on your screens.It is not a big problem these days as the general speed of the internet is fairly good across the country with almost all ISPs (Internet service provider). Opening of the epostoffice site is therefore not a problem.
  2. However, the internal pages displaying avialable stamps do download extremely slow even with the fast internet connections.That is one of the common problems with all flash websites.
  3. India Post could have avoided using flash website as majority of the users are not very comfortable with such websites.It would have been better if the website was created with php base.
  4. But you cannot expect anything bettter from the \”National Informatics Center(NIC) \” as it is renowned for creating the lousiest government websites in the world.This time NIC outsourced the work and chose an equal quality private partner to create just another \”non-user-friendly website \” for philatelists and all others.
  5. Majority of the philatelists just couldn\’t register themselves on epostoffice portal. \”The registration process either terminates in the middle or if we type something wrong it is canceled or just rejected the registration itself\”, say the philatelists. Moreover,the registration process is so chaotic that \”even if it is completed successfuly one cannot login into the portal subsequently.The password when typed gets automatically elongated and login fails\”.
  6. We found that this is really a genuine problem with many of the philatelists as majority of them are not computer experts.We did create an account successfully and purchased stamps through this portal.Beieve it or not it is quite good and the delivery of your ordered stamps is quite fast at your doorsteps.

We suggest following handy tips for you so that you can easily transact on epostoffice portal;

  • When you open the epostoffice portal just have patience from the begining to the end.
  • Go slow and do not try to fill the fields fast.
  • Read every word on the registration form page very carefully. Read it twice rather and then decide what excaty is to be filled in each of the fields.
  • When you start typing details in the registration form be cautious that you are really very slow and there are no typing errors.You will not get a second chance to correct it otherwise.
  • It is better to write all the information that you need to fill in first on a piece of paper and then you start typing once you get it finalized.
  • Do not try to pass any step in haste ese you will and in the same trouble for once again.
  • If you have already made few unsuccessful attempts you must change everything for the new registration including email address,name pattern etc. Repeating the same information everytime will always make you unsuccessful as this is the beauty of this portal to serve as non-user-friendly-website!

We believe that if you follow these tips you will certainly enjoy the services of epostoffice forever. Do let us know if you get a success or failure.

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6 Responses to ePostoffice Comes Alive:PhilaMirror Explores Philateists\’ Problems

  1. babeesh says:

    I made around 15 transaction thorough e-post office web from DUBAI and i never faced such problems like registration issue, slow, etc. I think this is the problem in Indias internet connection !!!!

  2. Sandeep says:

    Though I could open an account on the so called e-post office, but still never been able to buy any stamps from them. The ‘Make Payment’ button takes you nowhere! (though it promises to redirect one to some payment gateway).
    I wonder if anybody ever could have a successful transaction there and what payment gateway is actually used by e-post. Please post a screenshot of the same and I will really appreciate you. Its a real pity that our e-post is unable to provide a user friendly website so far.


    I belong to Kasganj, a District some 100 Km. east of Agra.
    I have high-speed internet connection that varies from 1500 kbps
    minimum to 6000 kbps max. But e-Post remains inoperative.
    (Mind, one can watch a movie in HD, 720p, live on a 4500 kbps

  4. dinesh kumar saini says:

    In the month of April 2011 i made several attempts to buy philately stuff from ePOST OFFICE ,out of these ,one transaction was successful.It made me happy since i was supposed to be having some missing MS in my collection .But after a wait of two months they are just returning back my paisa without giving any reasonable reason .
    today I am on net since 6:00 pm trying my best to buy stamps from ePOST OFFICE . now it is 10 pm but all is vain.
    I think this site is the best candidate for being THE MOST NON -USER FRIENDLY SITE !!
    please call Guiness Bookwallas

  5. Yogesh Deshpande says:

    Just last week, i made 3 unsuccessful attempts at buying stamps online. After going through the payment gateway and successful authentication, it comes back to the Eshop saying: “Transaction Failed”. I tried using different browsers and pc’s. India Post needs to seriously work on the problem soon – launched with such fanfare – this is all become a big joke.

  6. g. ramkumar says:

    the portal of epost office has come to total inoperative due to the reason that the site security has expired can any one who knows to solve the problem so that we can try again to make orders in this portal

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