Swiss Stamp on Art Released

\"\"Swiss Post released a stamp on Art on 5th May 2011.The stamp shows a torn bit of cardboard, a throwback to Hirschhorn\’s earlier days, the post office says in issuing the stamp: \”His miniature work is a universal declaration of love for art. The statement \’Art is Resistance\’ summarizes Hirschhorn\’s artistic position in a single sentence – an individual contribution which blends into the overall image of the stamp. In designing this stamp as a piece of torn cardboard, Hirschhorn drew inspiration from his earlier works: as an unknown artist in the 1980s, he wrote on cardboard signs and placed them in house doorways or under windscreen wipers.\”

The latest Swiss stamp is one of the most unlikely pieces of art created by Thomas Hirschhorn in recent years. The Swiss-born artist, who is based in Paris, is known for his larger than life room-size installations, but to celebrate Switzerland\’s part in the Venice Biennale, an international art exhibition held every two years, Hirschhorn agreed to do a tiny-size creation.

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