Slovakia:Stamp on Year of Forests

\"\"Slovakia has released a stamp on year of forests.The  issue  is dedicated to the National Park Poloniny.This park is the eastern-most Slovak large protected area. It lies on the Slovak-Polish-Ukrainian border.

The forests are dominant in the national park – they cover more than 90% of the area. Those most precious ones are declared to be the national natural preserves or natural preserves to protect the old forest community.

They are unique for human-impacted or only slightly impacted forests called primeval forests. It is a community where everything flows in an integrated circle. It represents the peak of natural ecosystems.

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2 Responses to Slovakia:Stamp on Year of Forests

  1. Harsh Mahajan says:

    Why not Indian Post didn’t issue the Stamp on year of Forests?

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Why no Forest Stamp by IndiaPost? Maybe because:
      1. Too busy with issuing Personality Stamps!
      2. Artists may have never seen a real forest-how to draw something without having seen one.
      3. Hardly any forest cover left in India-so why care!
      4. Afraid of the real Tigers. (Though in reality tigers exist only on paper).

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