Permanent Pictorial Cancellation Sun Temple Modhera

By Raman Kumar Mandal\"\"

SURYA – The Sun God has been an inseparable part of the religious ethos of our country. However, very few temples are dedicated to the SUN GOD. The SUN TEMPLE at MODHERA is one such rare edifice of the Solanki era. It was constructed during the reign of Kind Bhimdev (1022-1063 A.D.) . The main shrine faces East and is so built that the rays of the rising Sun at equinoxes would fill the sanctum Sanctrorum, creating a divine ambience. The niches of the inner walls of the Prasada contain twelve images of the Sun God, fashioned on the Iranian style. There are about 108 small temples on step-terraces around the huge KUND. The walls, innerside of the ceiling, the column panels, the domes and the exterior walls are filled with intricate carvings of Gods in cosmic evolution, demons in revolt, angels and human figurines. The life-like figures reflect a rare craftsmanship that was a part of living in those days.The cancellation has been introduced at Modhera Post Office on 02-04-1977.

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