2nd India Africa Summit:India Post Issued Stamps and Miniature Sheet

Special Report By Anurag Vajpeyi from India Africa Summit

India Post today released new stamps and miniature sheet in commemmoration of the 2nd India-Africa Summit 2011 held at Adis Ababa, Ethiopia. Africa and India today laid the foundations for a stronger partnership  with the adoption, by proclamation, of two key documents i.e. the Addis  Ababa Declaration and the \”Africa- India Framework for Enhanced  Cooperation\”.\"\"\"\"\"\"

The  Framework for Enhanced Cooperation is meant to widen the scope of the  Africa India Framework of Cooperation and its Plan of Action adopted in  2010 and to give additional substance to the partnership. It sets out  specific agreements to cooperate in the following areas: economic;  political; science, technology, research and development; social  development and capacity building; health, culture and sport; tourism;  infrastructure, energy and environment and media and communications.

The summit was held under the theme “Enhancing partnership; shared  vision”. The closing ceremony was presided over by Indian Prime Minister  Mr Manmohan Singh and African Union Chairperson Mr Teodoro Obiang  Nguema Mbasogo, who is also the President of Equatorial Guinea, in the  presence of AUC Chairperson Mr Jean Ping, AUC deputy Chairperson Mr  Erastus Mwencha, Commissioners and staff of the AU, Ambassadors and  other high level dignitaries.

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4 Responses to 2nd India Africa Summit:India Post Issued Stamps and Miniature Sheet


    Indo-African Jt. Issue: When you look at stamps of new issues on a
    computer screen they look different from what you receive from philatelic bureaux. Physical stamps look much darker than what you first saw on the backlit high-contrast computer screen. The fine details & color
    differentiation is missing. Is the computer aided designing the culprit?
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT for the technical team at Nasik!

    • Philatelist says:

      Pictures on screen obviously differ from the pictures on paper.On screen display depends on several factors including quality of device, quality of picture/scanning,editing,and of course the person who is taking a picture.


    Thanks Philatelist. I suppose, what appears on sites is Scanned & not
    photographed (like from a SLR camera) thus taking the men behind the camera out of equation! Anyway, I am mentioning 4 issues from the last two years, can you point out such DARK stamps issued before yrs. 1947 to Yr 2005??
    1.Heritage Monuments, 4v, 28.Feb.2009.
    2.Rare Fauna of the North East, 3v, 01.Oct.2009.
    3.Indo-Mexico Jt Issue, Rs.20.-, Kalbela Dance, 15 Dec 2010 &
    4.South Indian Musicians, 3v, 03.Dec., 2010.

    Thanks Again.

  3. sudhir Jain says:

    We are happy to read that you have attended 2nd India – Africa Summit. This Summit was front page news in last two days. I hope it will be beneficial for India, specially in securing permanent seat in Security Council.

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