China:Stamps on International Horticultural Exposition

\"\"The Chinese Post has issued two stamps commemorating the International Horticultural Exposition in Xian.Themed as Eternal Peace and Harmony between Nature and Mankind, Nurturing the Future Earth, the expo will last 183 days and cover an area as large as 418 hectares, 188 hectares of which are water area. In this time China will host more than 12 million tourists from both home and abroad.The International Horticultural Exposition is a kind of special exhibition approved by AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers). It was held for the first time in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1960 and has already had more than 20 expositions.

The stamps feature the emblem and the mascot of the Exposition. The emblem of the expo is the pomegranate blossom and its mascot is formed from the same pomegranate theme. It is a very friendly, trusting, stylized human-like figure whose oversized head is a pomegranate that ends in a shock of \”hair\” – a flower of pomegranate blossom.

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