What Philatelic Bureaus are Doing?

By Naresh Agrawal

\"\"India post do has nicely planned of organizing philatelic exhibitions at Distt. and State Levels regularly. In different postal circles this is being done also but at some places these are not at all organized.  In the last 5 years only one State Level Exhibition and  a few Distt. Level Exhibitions have been organized by Chhattisgarh postal circle. As I guess probably same is the case with other places. The allocated funds are diverted to some other heads.

Philatelic bureaus are the other important matter needs discussion as most of the time either the material is not available or is sold to a handful of stamp dealers for the purpose of black marketing. Even the account holder collectors of the bureaus did not get their material.

Is the postal deptt. really interested in developing and promoting philately  or they have one motto to earn from the sales of philatelic material. I personally fail to understand what sought of promotion is being done by the deptt.. For me it is the clubs and societies which have kept the hobby alive. It is their activities which keep the philatelists busy in preparing their collections and exhibits. It is their  activities such as organizing stamp fair which  give philatelists opportunity to get material of their choice.

I have tried to find out from various philatelists from different corners of India and found that there is lack of  good and motivating staff  with India post. Most of the Postmasters, Suptts., PMG’s  treat philately as burden and give importance to other day to day works. They fail to understand philately itself is s big wing which earns deptt. a good revenue. Otherwise  also  India post is a public service deptt. and so needs to cater people and philatelists irrespective of the consideration of the profit margins. I don’t find separate staff for philately in any of the postal office. Even those who are given the charge are loaded with burden of other sections also. what I feel is that, philatelic wing should be separately controlled /administered and accounts too maintained separately.

The fund allocated for organizing exhibitions should be used for the very purpose and deptt. should take local societies/clubs in to confidence. Accounts of the bureaus should be updated and material should be sent in time to all account holders. Separate stamp dealers account should be opened to purchase bulk material so that there is no tempering with material allocated for philatelists.

Local societies and clubs should be recognized and they should be legally empowered to forward ant grievances and complaints to higher ups in this matter.

Readers are requested to come up with their ideas, observations and comments.

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10 Responses to What Philatelic Bureaus are Doing?

  1. o p kedia says:

    What the philatelists can do is to ask following questions under RTI act with their respective postal circle:
    “What fund has been alloted for promotion of philately in last ten years andhow it was spent.What is the amount diverted for other purpose andthe reason thereof.”
    I think RTI is a powerful tool to get information and once we collect this information from all over India we may take a joint action to get set the things right.


    • Naresh Agrawal says:

      Yes Mr. Kedia you are absolutely right.RTI is one of the powerful tool to shake the sleeping officials and hammer them to shape properly. A few of us should take up this action with respective circles/ state heads of India Post

  2. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    Naresh Ji,
    You are 100% right. The same situation in Odisha state also. Last State level exhibition was held in 2006 at Rourkela. After that only few dist. level exhibition have taken place. I personally feel that India Post officials are not capable to manage Philately efficiently. More over are they have no men power to handle the pressure of philately. Unless they are trained about philately this situation will never be solved.

    • Naresh Agrawal says:

      Thanks for your response.I still relish the last state level exhibition held at Rourkela as I was there for the whole period of the show. Wonderful!!! And had high hopes of future of philately in Orissa. But…………. thereafter its long silence. I feel Orissa Philatelic Associations need strong persuasion now and regularly so that the exhibitions are held very year . But without it the things are not easy though very much possible. Please inform the conditions of Bureaus at your end…. a collective effort has to be made at higher level so that the functioning of bureaus is set right.at all the places. A check on so called PROFESSIONAL PHILATELISTS /Traders/dealers is to be made and the bureau persons involved should be removed/sacked


    I don`t know why PHILAMIRROR has not reported auction of a
    Gandhi Rs.10.- SERVICE overprint stamp at $ 2,05,000.- by David Feldman. DF site says that of the 100 overprinted only 18 exist.
    This is the World Record price realized for a modern stamp.

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  5. anil kr pujara says:

    The bureaus are really in a very bad shape. Neither they are properly built nor they have proper infrastructure nor they are manned by wiiling seniors n incharges.They need complete revamping

    • Naresh Agrawal says:

      Thanks Mr. Pujara. Kindly suggest some ways to handle this situation which is prevailing at most of the place.


    The culture of serving common public & even so called philatelists is
    not there. Some specific committee, a group of officers in IndiaPost has to be serious about philatelic bureaux & so on. The way is through getting serious, training of staff & through accountability. The tool
    of RTI is of 1-time use only.

  7. anil kr pujara says:

    From the grass root level a sort of movement should be started. Distt level committees be formed with activists to take initiative in promoting the philatelly.Some serious thought has to be given

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