India:First Re-print of Commemorative Stamps

Dr. Pradeep Jain

In India For the first time commemorative stamps were re-printed.,when mask series stamps were required for repesentation work.All the four denomination were oblitereted with two parellal lines in black ink, so that such stamps cannot be used as postage.These stamps are found in strip of 5, instead of 7 stamps strip which were issued on 15th April 1974.\"\"

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One Response to India:First Re-print of Commemorative Stamps

  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Dear Dr. Jain
    This is how a senior collector/philatelist like you and others inspire other collectors to take some time out and check their collection. In other words, its a kind of teaching through visual presenting of what you have and leaving your readers to decide by themselves what to have and how.
    N.A. Mirza

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