Permanent Pictorial Cancellation:Chamar Dharini, Vadodara

By Raman Kumar Mandal\"\"An exquisite jain bronze statue of Charmar Dharini found from Akota (Vadodra) belonging to 8th century A.D. is in possession of Musseum of Vadodara. Despite its small size, the figure has an aesthetically impressive form. The graceful figure stands in the three bedded (tribhanga) posture on a lotus podestal symbolising its importance in the pantheon. The urah suli or the necklace reveals the vintage of the statue as being of the 8th century A.D., its stylistic affiliations being in the directions of the Northern Pratihara idion.The cancellation has been introduced atĀ Vadodara HO on 16.01.1989.

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