Private Booklets:Do They Carry any Philatelic Value?

By Virendra Dhundhara

Normally I keep my Sundays for my Hobby i.e. Philately. I not only arrange my collection\"\" but also spend some time on ebay India or ebay uk to update my knowledge n know the trends in philately. Last Sunday as usual I was peeping through the contente os ebay UK n I was amused to see two booklets one on UMRAO KANWAR MA SA ARCHANAn another on Ranak Pur n Dilwara Temple.My enquiry with the seller to ascertain whether these are official or private is still unresponded. But my phila friends have definitely informed me that these are private booklets n do not carry any logo of India Post.On ebay, these booklets are priced 5pounds.These booklets are reportedly released on 30th April 2011. These booklets contain block of 4 of each stamp n contain little information about the theme. These booklets carry the price tag of Rs.40/=each probably.
The concept of booklet was introduced to popularize the usage of postage stamps during journey etc n to protect them the normal n natural wear n tear n give an insight about the stamps. Normally the value of the booklet used to be the face value of the stamps in the booklet. Over a period of time some dealers picked up the loose ends n made it a source of bread earning. A paltry amount is spent in printing thee jacket n hefty amount is charged from the collectors. The sentiments of the philatelists are exploited.
It is to put the record straight that such like private items do not carry any philatelic value. They cannot be displayed in any official exhibition. If displayed, they will attract negative marking. Therefore all genuine collectors are advised not to spent their hard earned money in buying such non philatelic items since they do not carry any philatelic value n are over priced also.Let us not allow to be a source of bread earning tactic of greedy dealers.

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10 Responses to Private Booklets:Do They Carry any Philatelic Value?


    Thanks Mr. Dhundhara. I too am of the idea that in good philately everything has to be Pucca officially government, poor appearance
    notwithstanding. In my own little collection I have just one private
    cover of naya paisa coinage series having 4 stamps of 1,2,3,&5 paisa
    purchased from a Lucknow dealer for a rupee or so 30 years ago.

  2. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    Exhibiting a booklet is headache. Mounting and description will occupy many spaces and Mr. Dhundhara is right, it attract negative marking. So, spending money for buying booklet is foolishness. So, thanks Mr. Dhundhara for the nice advice. Keep posting such nice ideas.

  3. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    1) 2007 Apr:Bihar Circle, India Post
    2) 2009 November: Arctic Preservation.
    3)2009 November: Antarctic Preservation.
    4) 2010 June: Indian Military Academy -Born to Battle.
    5)2010 June: Indian Military Academy -Passing Out: 126 Regular (Chindits).
    6)2010 June: Indian Military Academy -Army Cadet College Wing Golden Jubilee.
    All issued by the Uttarakahand Circle of India Post except the first one.
    Dig deep into them, u can all smell something fishy.
    So what good is there, if India Post logo is there.

    If some individual or instutution/organisation comes out with private booklets( as what’s been happening in many a countries abroad,where there are on official booklets), let’s welcome , as long as they keep the prices within a certain percentage(like 20%) of the face value of the stamps issued.

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  5. Dinesh saini says:

    Thanks for such an eye-opening advice .please guide likes of me who are novice philatelists ,in future too.
    warm regards ,
    Dinesh Saini ,Dholpur (Raj)


    Dear Mr. Saini, here is how I like:
    1. Open a PDA (preferably two) with different GPOs.
    2. Befriend a dealer if possible.
    3. Use High Quality stock books etc to store.
    4. Surf the Internet profusely, hundreds of sites are there.


  7. dr pradeep Jain says:

    This type of booklets attracts eighter those collectors who have material on their theme or buyers on ebay or alike sites without enquiring its details.Nowadays the purpose of release of such material has changed from pramotion of philately to making money in most of the cases.It is not true for every case as some works are really good and should be appreciated.

  8. anil kr pujara says:

    The issue gaining concern is not the quality of art work but the economics behind it n real motto behind.

  9. sudhir Jain says:

    I think such booklets have no Philatelic value. Thay can not be exhibited in the Official Exhibitions.

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