Cyprus Stamps Offer Continuous Discounts to Stamp Collectors

\"\"In celebration of their 3rd Birthday of selling online, Cyprus Stamps website is giving a special \”club\” membership to their valued collectors.Any collector who has accumulated at least £100 of purchases with Cyprus Stamps website is rewarded with membership of the \”Cyprus100 Club\”.All members will receive 10% discount on all future purchases including postage costs. The discount will be applied as a refund after payment of an order is received and manually returned to your PayPal account.

Cyprus stamp collectors should be aware this is not an automatic process so it may take up to 24 hours before you receive a notification of the PayPal refund after your order has been received by Cyprus Stamps online website.All eligible collectors have already been contacted directly by email.If however, you feel you may have been missed or you have only started to purchase online very recently contact Cyprus Stamps directly using the \”Contact Us\” online form located on the website.

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