Constant Error in Stamp

By G. Radhakrishnan

\"\"I have noticed the following :
SG no. 1248/ India India 89 World Philatelic Exhibition New Delhi (1st issue)
Value: 0.50 ,Total Stamps Issued: 1.5 million,Stamps per sheet: 35 i.e.42857 sheets approx.Traffic Lights: 4 corners
Total Sheets per traffic light: 10714 approx. (42857 divided by 4)
Error: Tail at the end of the Hindi word
Appearing only on a single stamp in Column 2, Row 7 On the sheet with traffic light left side, bottom,One stamp per sheet
Number of Error Stamps: 10714 ( one stamp in 10714 sheets with traffic light left side, bottom ).Error %: 0.71 (number of error stamps 10714 divided by total stamps issued 1.5 million multiplied by 100)

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2 Responses to Constant Error in Stamp

  1. Sainathphila says:

    So what might be the market value of this stamp?

    • G.Radhakrishnan says:

      A million $ question. Even Stanley Gibbons is not answering this, perhaps they don’t have this in their stock and it is always that they quote a price for anything they have with them, so that they can manipulate the prices!!!!

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