India:First Miniature Sheet

By Dr.Pradeep Jain

On 14th Nov. 1973 the first miniature sheet Imperf. was  issued to commemorate INDIPEX-73 Indian International Philatelic Exhibition, New Delhi.\"\"

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4 Responses to India:First Miniature Sheet

  1. Rahul says:

    yeah. nice m/s. i m getting this m/s for RS 450 🙂 but happy to get that


    Indipex-73 miniature sheet is of very poor quality. The next 2 MSs
    that of Masks & UPU issues in 1974 were of normal High Quality.
    Before 1973 P&T issued a Souvenir Sheet priced at Rs.1.- to celebrate
    Telegraph Centenary in 1953.


    I am profusely sorry!! Telegraph Centenary was celebrated in 1951
    and not in 1953. SORRY!!! Once again.

  4. The above shown Miniature sheet has orange colour in the Re.1.45 stamp, which should not be there !!. I have come across a number of this first miniature sheet, shown above, but with orange colour missing in the Re1.45 stamp ,(as also missing in the Re. 1.45 stamp issued in regular sheet form). Further in this issue with orange colour missing there are other features which are constantly different from the one shown above which I believe was the first issued. Again the shades of all the colours in the orange missing miniature sheet are noticeably different from the original MS shown above . All these go to suggest that this MS was reprinted, with these changes. Even PHILA briefly mentioned it as a footnote in one of their recent Guides, but strangely the footnote dissappeared in subsequent Guides ??. There is a real MYSTERY surrounding this ” reprinted Sheet” which should be Investigated and the increasing number of MS collectors need to be enlightened.

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