India Post\’s \”ePost Office\” Lands into Trouble With Payment Gateway

The ePost Office service launched by the India Post has now landed in to troubles. You will not be able to visit the respective page on this website to even see the stamps and other philatelic material\’s availability.It is mainly because the India Post witnessing some problems with the Payment Gateway.

You will not be able to purchase any stamp from this online store.Here is what the website shows;\"\"There is no news or notice on this site as how much time it would take to India Post to sort out the issue with payment gateway,if any. So philatelists have no option but to wait till everything falls in place.

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13 Responses to India Post\’s \”ePost Office\” Lands into Trouble With Payment Gateway

  1. Aranya Dutta Choudhury says:

    This is real bad news! Getting connected with such payment gateways with banks to a webshop takes maximum hours if not a day. Why is then it is taking so much time. Can any of the members contact the Sr Post Master of Sansad Marg Delhi to ask him this question and find out the exact time by which the webshop will be up and running?

  2. Er.H.K.Jain says:

    ePost Office only open for Delhi based dealers those purchases Khadi M.S. Presentation packs in bulk for hording as well as for making private FDCs & sell on higher prices.
    Philatelists will not be able to get Registration as well as purchase any stamp from this online store.

    • Aranya Dutta Choudhury says:

      You are so correct. There is something more than meets the eye than about a simple technical fault only.

  3. atish jain says:

    You are lucky that you are getting upto payment gateway, some of us are so un lucky that we are unable to log in this hopeless,worthless,useless site ….it dosen’t accepts correct passwords.

    This site is a BLUNDER by INDIA POST

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Not only this, even registration by so many philatelists is a real night mare.

  5. dr pradeep Jain says:

    The invention of epost by Indiapost has dropped like sattelite?If no than authorities have to try to make it userfriendly from begining registration, login and payment.Otherwise like other activities of Indiapost epost will also become a boutique for dealers and touts only.

  6. Rahul says:

    I think, they removing stamps or miniature sheets which are not available at sansad marg gpo. Or they may be adding some more miniature sheets or stamp in that site for selling purpose.

  7. Vishal says:

    Epost portal manage by India post this portal is made to make fool to the people or Philatelist of India,Philatelists will not be able to get Registration on this portal except Dealears.I personally give the 5 star rating to this portal.5 star means(Meaningless, hopeless,aimless,worthless,useless) site

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Vishal,

      Totally agree with you. This website seems influenced by the ‘hidden’ since beginning. Don’t know under what pressure India Post had to launch this website, when still it cannot be used by the intended people.

      • Sandeep says:

        Dear Sandeep,

        Try Mumbai G.P.O. website. Only difference is that you need to pay by money order or demand draft.

        • g. ramkumar says:

          it is true that we can place order through mumbai gpo even there it is not possible to get currect answer and if we send e-mail it is not properly answered and after a repeated queries we get a reply that stock is not available. then it is a great wonder why they publish order can be placed through web site.

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