Norway:Stamp on 150th Anniversary of Fridjof Nansen

\"\"Norway released a stamp on the occasion of150th Anniversary of Fridjof Nansen on 15th April 2011. Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930)’s studies in zoology led to his appointment in 1882 as assistant curator at Bergen Museum. Here he specialized in neuroanatomy, mainly in lower vertebrates.

He formulated path-breaking descriptions of the contact points of nerve cells. His thesis on the structure of the nervous system of the hagfish, which earned him a Ph.D. in 1888, helped to establish the neuron doctrine, a theory of how nerve cells communicate with each other. This theory has made a fundamental contribution to our understanding of how the brain works. Many people regard the ripple effects of Nansen’s work in this field as his greatest contribution to humanity.

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