Australia will Release Eucalyptus Scanted Stamp

\"\"Australia will release a scanted stamp on 17th May 2011. Aromatic postage stamps infused with eucalyptus oil .The printer of the Australian stamps said the scent could freshen up the musty files of stamp collectors for decades.\”The eucalyptus scent is encapsulated into little bubbles and we put that into a printable varnish,\” Graeme Lidgerwood, the sales manager of the print firm Ego, said. \”It could last forever. The scent will only wear off when you rub the surface to break the micro bubbles.\”

Original scent for the print process came from the US. However, at Australia Post\’s insistence, the varnish was topped up with eucalyptus oil from the local maker Bosisto.The scented stamp is available only in a special sheet that retails for slightly above face value, at $6.45 for 10 stamps. Individual stamps bought over the counter, or on self-adhesive rolls and booklets, will not carry the eucalypt scent.

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