New Zealand:Stamps on Marine Life

New Zealand has released a set of stamps \”Beyond the Coast\”on 4th May 2011.New\"\" Zealand’s varied marine animals are brilliantly portrayed in this vibrant stamp issue. The beautiful artwork was inspired by the Poor Knights Islands, which lie 23 kilometres off New Zealand’s Tutukaka coast in the upper North Island. A total marine reserve and nature reserve, these 11-million-year-old islands are rich with incredible marine life.

New Zealand’s 15,000 kilometres of coastline are home to magnificent coves, bays, harbours, sounds and fiords. However, beyond this irregular coastline lies a roughly 4.3 million square kilometre exclusive economic zone that hosts an array of unique marine life. More than 15,000 species are known to live there, of which many are migratory. New Zealand’s isolation means that a large number of these species are unique to our island nation, and scientists believe that many more have yet to be found.

The following species can be found on this vibrant stamp sheet (from top to bottom):Royal albatross, humpback whale, white-faced storm petrel, john dory, yellowfin tuna, kingfish, hammerhead shark, hapuku, demoiselle, pink maomao, snapper, arrow squid, Lord Howe coralfish, sandager’s wrasse, orange roughy, king crab and yellow moray eel.

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