Danmark:Stamps on Art

\"\"Danmark has released  two stamps in the \”Stamp Art\” series ithis year feature works by Claus Carstensen and Lise Harlev.

Painter, sculptor and author Claus Carstensen is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1977-83) and the Department of Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen (1979-83). As an artist, his work primarily consists of paintings, although he has also explored other media\"\" such as sculpture, graphics, video and installations. This versatile artist has also published several poetry collections, anthologies and monographs of his own artwork. He served as a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1993-2002.

Lise Harlev designed the stamp with the title \”This place\”. She graduated in visual art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2002. As part of her studies, Harlev spent a year at Stadelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Studying abroad made a great impression on the young artist, who later took the decision to move abroad permanently. Since 2002 she has lived and worked in Berlin.

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