Aland will Release Stamps on Champagne and Chips

\"\"Aland will release a stamp on Champagne on 3rd and another on Potato Chips on 7th June 2011.Onboard the wreck, a total of 145 champagne bottles were found. The bottles have been dated to around 1840. They have been identified to originate from the esteemedchampagne houses of Veuve Clicquot, Juglar and Heidsieck.

Chips Ab was founded in Åland in 1969. The limited company Chips Ab was founded by three private initiators who wished to create a land-based industry to compensate for the considerable emigration from Åland at the time. Chips Ab was the first producer of potato chips in Finland. Since then, the Taffel brand continues to be a leader on the Finnish market.

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One Response to Aland will Release Stamps on Champagne and Chips


    IndiaPost should open up & allow really big brands like Rooh-Afza to
    propose stamps to be considered by a GOI appointed committee.
    Such stamps may end up as a huge commercial success. Imagine a
    big brand stamp with a face value of minimum Rs.10.- with a proviso
    that the proponent has to buy at lease a million each for himself!

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