Azerbaijani Stamp on Famous painter Huseyn Aliyev

The Azermarka has issued a stamp to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the outstanding\"\" Azerbaijani painter Huseyn Aliyev.Huseyn Aliyev (May 22, 1911 – July 5, 1991) – Soviet and Azerbaijani painter, author of more than 250 paintings. Working mostly in graphic arts, he is the author of numerous posters. With a lively, gregarious character, he was keenly sensitive to other people and nature. Perhaps that is why the two spheres of creativity – portrait and landscape – specially attracted the artist. It is hard to argue with the beauty of nature. As an artist, Mr. Aliyev sought for beauty, trying to recreate it in his own way. With the insistence of a scientist he revealed the natural laws of harmony, color and light, particularities of the internal structure of the elements.

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