25 Years of CARE in Austria


Austria will release a stamp on 1st May on 25 years of CARE in Austia.“CARE Austria, association for development cooperation and humanitarian aid,” was founded exactly 25 years ago in 1986. After World War II, with Austria in ruins and the people starving, the CARE parcels distributed throughout the country were vital. 40 years later, Austria had become one of the richest countries on earth and was thus able to pass on aid throughout the world. Today, the Vienna office handles roughly 30 projects in Africa, Asia and Southeast Europe according to the principle of “helping others to help themselves”. In a total of 348 projects in 50 countries, CARE Austria has provided valuable assistance over the last two and a half decades – helping almost 50 million people to a life in dignity.

CARE has general observer status at the UN and is independent in terms of politics and religion. Every year around 57 million people, more than half of whom are women, profit from the various CARE projects.CARE is a global force and a welcome partner in the worldwide battle against poverty.

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