Khadi Stamp:Confusion on Denomination

By Anil Kr Pujara

\"\"My friend went to send a registered letter to another friend in Switzerland.He wanted to use Gandhi Khadi Ms on the cover since friend from Switzerland wanted this particular Ms commercially used for his collection.The total postage required was of Rs 145 .He used this MS n offered balance amount in cash.To a great shock, the staff manning the counter refused to acknowledge that this is a genuine stamp released from India.Further the comments were very astonishing that there can not be a stamp of Rs.100/- since it is not heard that any stamp of  Khadi n such a high denomination has been issued by

India Post.Later on the value of this stamp was being taken as Rs.1/ only n nobody was ready to believe that the genuineness of this stamp.The matter was escalated to the Post Master who himself got confused n ready to belive the facts.By this time the staff of Post Office in assembeled in a a big no. The MS was taken for a round in the Post Office n shown to one n all. It was treated like an alien. the ground reality, My friend suggested to verify the facts from the  official website of India Post.Luckily, the internet was working, the power connection was there n the facts were verified.The whole confusion started because of lack of communication from the India Post which further got compounded since neither rupee symble is appearing on the stamp nor there is any description on the stamp indicating the denomination on the stamp.It reflects how insensitive IndiaPost is n how far they are from the ground reality. Sinc even definitive of Rs.1/- of Mahatama Gandhi also carries 100 as denomination n this MS also carries as 100/= as denomination, it is bound to create the confusion.Is ther anyone in India Post to sense the ground reality n ensure that such a pitiable situation is not repeated.

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7 Responses to Khadi Stamp:Confusion on Denomination


    Khadi Stamp Denomination: Issue 2Lakh more Khadi stamps in Unified
    Rupee Symbol in sheetlets of 4-10 stamps. And Charge only Rs.100.- per stamp. This will fulfill demand, correct a mistake & help Indiapost make amendsfor charging 250.- for a Rs.100.- face value stamp.

  2. Aranya Dutta Choudhury says:

    My local post office guy also raise this concern but I anticipated it. So I went with the folder itself where it was written the denomination to be Rs 100. That way they got convinced and I sent international registration with this stamp affixed and did not have to pay for any postage.

  3. Sainathphila says:

    Well, something like this is not new in our postal department. If we recall the issue of 2008 which is of Shera with other mascots, again denominations were very confusing. Now 1500 +500 that makes it Rs 20 miniature sheet. I used that miniature sheet for postage and either sometimes it was considered for Rs 15 or Rs 5, never for Rs 20, this is because the denominations were placed in such a way .Rs 15 was printed on the bigger sheet which in-turn used to look like that sheet is for rs 15 only. Now in this miniature sheet if I remove Rs 5 stamp, the rest of the stamp which is of Rs 15 or I can say the bigger part of the miniature sheet it was never considered as a stamp and could not be used for postage. I tried once it was rejected.
    Again in 2008 Thakur ji ka dak ghar issue was confusing, sometimes it was sold for Rs 20 in the bureau and sometimes again it was sold at Rs 15 and again the denominations were confusing and were printed with “RS” in it, which is very rare in Indian postal department.

    Well we can only hope that someday their will be training department for people of India post and these type issues will not turn up.

  4. Kamran Ahmad says:

    It happens only in India.

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    This is Incredible India

  6. dr pradeep Jain says:

    From the next time whenever such an abnormal event takes place like high denomination or in future any magic stamp is issued( as issued by Royal mail a set of magic stamp) by our INDIA POST where no denomination is printed and they have the style SCRATCH KARO JAAN JAO.Then this will need accompaning certificate of originality and value.Don’t you think that we philatelists are fools purchasing this high deno. material again on cost of Rs 250/ paying Rs 150/ extra for merely a card folder?


    Stamp enthusiasts are like clowns fooling merrily around with this Indiapost fun & game called Gandhi Khadi Stamp. Why, at the outset
    the public so pleasingly paid Rs.250.- for something with an intrinsic
    sovereign value of Rs.100.- that is technically, legibly & individually,
    worth only Rs.1.-
    Perhaps, the Khadi stamp was designed & meant only for the secondary
    market. Whether Indiapost should have gone for such an immoral
    act is open to debate. But, is not Indiapost using Gandhiji to profiteer?

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