Special Cover:Bharat Itihas Samashodhak Mandal

\"\"By Snjay Mundra, Pune

\"\"Bharat Itihas Samshodhak Mandal, popularly known as Itihas Samashodhak Mandal or just ‘Mandal’, is an Indian institute providing resources and training for historical researchers. It is located at Pune in Maharashtra. . The institute was founded in 1910 by the veteran Indian historian V.K. Rajvade and Sardar K.C. Mehendale. The main objective behind setting up the Mandal was to provide ready resources to the historians and researchers, to save their time and to motivate them. The Mandal maintains more than 1,500,000 historical papers and 30,000 scripts mainly in Marathi , Persian  , Portuguese and English languages. Moreover, it has also preserved over 4,000 coins, 1,000 paintings and a few sculptures and inscriptions in its well equipped museum. The Mandal’s library keeps a more than 27,000 books written mainly in Marathi and English which can be available to the researchers for free reading or for a nominal fee on ‘Take Home’ basis. These resources hold sizeable volumes on the history of Maratha Empire, Maratha culture and Marathi literature. They also contain a large collection of the material on British as well as Mughal Rule over India. The Mandal issues a Quarterly Journal called ‘Trai-Masik’ wherein essays and articles on new discoveries are presented. It has also published books written and edited by veteran historians and reports of annual conferences and historians\’ meets. The Mandal periodically organises lectures, workshops, training, seminars and study tours for the young researchers and historians.India Post has released a special cover on 100 year\’s of Mandal on 23rd March 2011.

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