Azerbaijan:Stamps on Year of Forests

The Azermarka has issued  two stamps to commemorate the \”Forests\” theme of this year\"\" Europa stamp issue. The stamps feature an Elm Tree and an Eastern plane tree.

The Elm tree (Ulmus) is deciduous and semi-deciduous tree. Elms first appeared in the Miocene period about 40 million years ago. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, many species and cultivars were planted as ornamentals in Europe, North America, and parts of the Southern Hemisphere.

Eastern plane tree (Platanus) is a small genus of trees native to the Northern Hemisphere. They are all large trees to 30-50 m tall. They are often known in English as planes or plane trees. The flowers are reduced and are borne in balls (globose heads); 3-7 hairy sepals may be fused at the base, and the petals are 3-7 (or no) and are spatulate.

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