Slovakia:Stamp on Dobsinska Ice Cave

\"\"Slovak Post has issued a new stamp on Dobsinska Ice Cave. It is located in the Slovak Paradise National Park in the Spis-Gemer karst, in the cadastre of municipality Dobsina.The cave was formed as a part of bigger complex, the so-called Stratenska Nappe, by the river Hnilec in the Middle Triassic pale Steinalm and Wetterstein limestones, along the tectonic faults and interbed surfaces.

Dobsinska Ice Cave was formed approximately 400 thousand years ago, when the massive collapse separated it from this system. The cave obtained sack-like character with stagnation of cold air, enabling natural glaciations of the underground space. Ice fill occurs in the form of floor ice, icefalls, ice stalagmites and columns. The ice volume reaches 110,100 m3. The cave reaches the length of 1,388 m, of these 495 m are accessible for the public.Dobsinska Ice Cave is among the largest and most important ice caves in the world; in 2000 it became the part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage UNESCO.

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