Estonia Released Stamps on Folk Costumes

\"\"Estonia has released  two new stamps and maxim cards featuring Estonian folk costumes.

A girl and a woman from the first half or the middle of the 19th century have been reproduced on the first stamp. The girl\’s headgear is a so-called eared wreath and a wide red band decorates her green-striped skirt. The girl\’s sleeve embroidery is rather simple, but the sleeves of the married woman who sports an embroidered apron are decorated with lavish wide embroidery. She wears a pot hat lined with silk. Gradually spreading, such hats crowded out the earlier traditional women\’s headgear.

The Rapla woman on the other stamp also wears a hat. The so-called eye brooch with red stones was a popular festive decoration. The Rapla woman wears white embroidered sleeves, a skirt with horizontal stripes of a more modern type and a purchased apron with large flowers embroidered on it. The man with the bagpipe wears a grey jacket and light pants with blue stripes.

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