US Stamps on Civil War

\"\"US Postal Service has released two new stamps commemorating the first year of the war, 150 years ago.The stamps, which were issued at ceremonies in Charleston, S.C., show the bombardment of Fort Sumter in South Carolina and the first battle of Bull Run in Virginia.\”From this day forward, these historic images of Fort Sumter and the First Battle of Bull Run will be carried on letters and packages to millions of households and businesses throughout America,\” James C. Miller III of the Postal Service board of governors said in a statement dedicating the stamps.Designated \”forever\” stamps, the two will sell for the current 44-cent first class rate and will remain valid for first class letters regardless of future increases in postage rates.The two stamps marking the beginning of the war in 1861 will be followed by additional stamps recalling the anniversaries of major events in the war through 2015.

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