Magyar Posta :Stamp on 800 Years of Balatonfured

\"\"Magyar Posta has released  a set of two stamps and a stamp block with a surcharge at the festival of stamp collectors on 8th April 2011. Balatonfüred is hosting the events of the 84th Stamp Day between 8 and 10 April 2011. The proceeds from the surcharge of the Stamp Day block (HUF 200 per block sold) will be transferred by Magyar Posta to the National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists to support or-ganised stamp collecting in Hungary.

Balatonfüred is a small town with 13,500 inhabitants on the northern shore of Lake Balaton among rolling hills. It is embraced by hills to the north and the lake to the south.  Since 1987 it has borne the title International Town of Grapes and Wine.

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    Absolutamente con Ud es conforme. En esto algo es yo pienso que es la idea buena.

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