HongKong Released Stamps on Volunteerism

Hongkong Post issues a set of special stamps  on 29th March 2011 on volunteerism, to\"\" recognise the selfless contribution of volunteers and call for active participation in volunteer work. The four stamps depict the volunteering experience of different age groups. The brief text on the stamps succinctly sums up the joy of volunteerism. Benefitting oneself and others, clearly volunteer work is for everyone, young and old alike.

The stamp sheetlet features a diary page capturing unforgettable moments of volunteering work. The heart-shaped stamp, the first of its kind issued by Hongkong Post, symbolises the loving hearts of volunteers in achieving their common goal of passing on warmth to people in need.

$1.40 – A simple note and a green leaf on a diary page record happy moments of planting trees with mom. This shows that the seed of altruism has taken root in the child’s heart.

$2.40 – A volunteer recruitment leaflet has been uploaded onto a blog to rally support from young people for a community charity event.

$3 – An email from co-workers brings good news on school redevelopment. Children’s smiling faces in the photo are the best gift for the aunties and uncles volunteering in the project.

$5 – A reminder on the calendar tells of an upcoming home visit with an elderly volunteer, conveying a strong feeling of worthiness among the silver-haired in caring about others.


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