Royal Mail Released Stamp on Subrata Roy of Sahara Group

\"\"Royal Mail of UK has released a first class stamp of Indian businessman Subrata Roy .Cherie Blair (wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair) released this stamp.Stamps were unveiled in the plush surroundings of London\’s Grosvenor House hotel.It later emerged that the images of Sahara Group owner could have been placed on the stamps for as little as £8.30 for a set of 10.Mr Roy then said: \’I don\’t have voice to express my heartfelt gratitude to Royal Mail for issuing the special stamp.\’I don\’t think I deserve it. I will try to come up to the expectation of such a great honour.\’

The stamps can in fact be bought online via the Royal Mail\’s website and are known as \’Smilers\’.It is believed the stamps were bought through an agent in India, and Sahara Group purchased a total of 10,000 stamps.

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4 Responses to Royal Mail Released Stamp on Subrata Roy of Sahara Group

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Mr Subrato roy is right “I don’t think I deserve it”
    But really a great thing to accept this truth.

  2. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    My stamp is released by India Post paying Rs.150/- for 12 stamps. So, if any body would have paid Rs.1,50,000/- than 12000 stamps would have been printed. Subrat Roy has also done that. Nothing new.

  3. anil kr pujara says:

    Such a thing should not be encouraged n glorified. It is nothing better than a version of My Stamp.Even Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari also had such My Stamp from a foreign Country.Does it mean he has become Int. Celebrity?


    Britain is famous for it’s TABLOID newspapers. But you have to be really something to appear in one. Tabloid Stamps anyone-just pay the
    price! I think we too in India have begun selling Ego Trips in the form of
    MY Stamps. Mr . S. Roy in saying that he does not deserve one is only being humble and sounding politically good. Why would he say anything
    that would belittle Royal Mail. But we in India know how BIG a guy Mr. Roy really is. He could as well buy 10 times the quantity & use them on
    the mailing list of SAHARA Parivar just for the fun of it.

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