Footpath Stamp Market :Promoting Philately in India

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara and Anurag

We tempted to write this article after reading about Hanoi stamp market. We are happy to share with all our Philatellic Friends that during Indipex –2011, same type of market scene was witnessed outside the Venue of Exhibition. Big number of Vendors/Dealers/ Philatelists were seen exchanging/selling their extra stock to needy ones.It could easily satisfy the neeed of many n promote the philately in the true sense.The material put up for sale/exchange at this local market was not only cheap but very large variety was also put up n made available at one place.Business was brisk.Since no overhead was involved, it could quench the thirst of big no. of genuine collectors. Instead of meeting the demand of dealers, it could add to the collection of Collectors in a big way.It was adirect deal between the  haves n have nots. Such like local markets should be encouraged and organized in a systematic manner. If it is not done, the philatelly will land into the lap of few mighty men are bent upon becoming PHILA MAFIA over night in the country and are in fact spreading their wings across the country cutting the barriers of language, culture etc.Recent example is disappearing of stamps of MadhuBala, Sai Baba,MS of Rathyatra, Krishnadevaraya, Stamps of World Tamil conferance,National Council Education n Dr Triguna Sen.How come these stamps disappeared from the Bureaus with the blink of an eye but were available with the dealers at double the rate in any quantity.Another example is Gandhi Khadi stamp Presentation Pack.Unsold stock was to be sent to all the bureaus for sale as it was reliable sources n more particularly from Philatellic Bureau Counter New Delhi.But now it is learnt that the whole stock is exhausted n this Presentation Pack will not be sent to any Bureau as it has already landed in the hands of few Mighty Men who are selling it at the cost of Rs 400/= in any no. They have found another life time opportunity to make their fortune.I for sure feel that either India Post improve their house or encourag such local markets where small time dealers despite facing all odds including the wrath of Police brave to cater to the nedd of common n genuine collectors n save him from the extortion.keep it up.

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7 Responses to Footpath Stamp Market :Promoting Philately in India

  1. I am very glad that your enthusiasm of philately is overwhelming in the open streets of India,which is not happening here in the Philippines. We just put up some philatelic auctions in some selected venues,where some interested philatelist also opens a stamp booth that offers stamps sales for the collector.

  2. Even if it is like the flea markets here in the Philippines, philately is very alive there, and I wish it could also happen here in the Philippines. I also wish to purchase stamps from one of your footpath stamp market dealer,
    please you can contact me at– — I am very fun
    of collecting Indian Princely States stamps–no court stamps just postage stamps please.

  3. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Hanoi stamp market concept was wonderful.In India philatelists needs to be more organised.First of all we must develop the philately among school students by organizing small exhibitions in their schools on Republic day and Independence day, children’s day .
    There are still so much collectors who even do not know about philately bureaus/counters.
    When more people will associate with hobby than such kind of activities will develop automatically.


    When GOI itself is happily making money in the name of Gandhi & Khadi.
    Why blame those in the business of selling stamps. Businessmen get such
    a good opportunity of make quick money only rarely.

  5. Naresh Agrawal says:

    Very well written Mr. Anurag and Mr. Pujara. As is said that India lives in Jhoparpatti… philately too lives in paper garbage and on footpaths. I remember crossing the walls to search stamps,going in to banks and requesting officers to give stamps, praising chowlidars to give stamps from the paper waste of the offices…… what I want to say is that the real joy is on the earth and not on the tables. Jo maza palti maar ke khana khane ka hai… woh table per baith kar naheen…..
    Any way coming back to the serious point…. street or footpath market has its importance and is the one which can really serve and promote philately by serving philatelists at cheap/throw away prices with no catalogs in between. In Kolkatta there is regular footpath market outside GPO.In Gujrat there are street sellers who can provide gems at stone prices with huge range spread on the footpath to give the philatelists a big choice and joy to search and find. Regarding organizing the footpath market…. there is fear of foot paths raising in to tables.. we need to promote and encourage footpath sellers.Where there is a show the organizers should encourage foot path sellers and the philatelists with the extra stocks should be welcomed and facilities should be provided such as putting tents or shamiyanas for them like we saw in Ahmedabad and Baroda. I request my philatelic friends to once be a part of footpath market… the joy will be unparalleled.

  6. anil kr pujara says:

    That spirit is really missing n we wish it is taken in its complete seriousness n encouraged with rousing n thumping welcome.


    Some 25/30 years ago I would go to Lucknow GPO on a New Issue day.
    Buying the stamps & FDC etc took less than 10 minutes. The rest of the
    hour or so was spent ogling at wares of various small vendors on the staircase and elsewhere & wherever those stamplovers turned vendors
    would find a place to stand . Lots of oglers-but very little sales-yet that spirit & the enthusiasm, simply unforgettable!

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