Do We Need Another ANNA to Clear the Rot in Philately!

\"\"By Anil Kumar and Anurag

Like any other segment of society Philately is also not untouched from pollution. When I use the word pollution, I mean Corruption. We need not to go back too much and search the records. The stamps released in the last two/three years speak in themselves. The stamp of MadhuBala, MS of MadhuBala,Stamp of Sai Baba,Stamp of World Tamil Conference, Sheetlet of Ranak Pur n Dilwara Temple,Sheetlet of Postal Heritage Building, Setenant stamp of National Council of Education,different varities of Rath Yatra MS,Miniature sheet of Krishnadevaraya are the burning examples. In no record time, these stamps disappeared from the counters. From some places, it is learnt that these stamps were not even supplied to the PDA a/c holders. At some places, the quantity supplied was much less than the one ordered by the a/c holders. But this is not the case of the availability these in the secondary market. They were n they are available in any quantity of course at the price determined by these dealers.

It makes clear that the rot has stepped into the domain of Philately. The hobby of Kings n King of Hobbies has been invaded by the mafia. The money power has started showing the colour. The tendency of hoarding the stamps particularly sheetlets, ms of smaller denomination, and stamps released in se-tenant’s are the main targets. Men with money adopt any means to acquire any stock of their choice by adopting any n all means from the counters including Treasury branch of post offices and indulge in hoarding. The artificial scarcity is created in no time small collectors are lured/forced to indulge in mad race of acquiring the stuff to just complete their collection.
Unfortunately, such people are self proclaimed promoters of philately. In the name of promoting the philately, they manipulate the prices many fold n in some cases by over hundred time in no time, bully the In-charges also, occupy the positions on Govt. Bodies n use all channels to sell the stock so acquired by them. In the process, who suffers the most? The genuine n common collector. Does it not call for soul searching exercise? Do we need another Anna to clear the web which has invaded the domain of this hobby?

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6 Responses to Do We Need Another ANNA to Clear the Rot in Philately!

  1. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Thank you for coming up with such a great article. All genuine philatelists are worried at the present state of affairs in our Postal Department. Indiapost, like any other Government office, has to be corrupt. Since the scope of Corruption is very low in Post offices compared to other Government departments, the corrupt officials looks for ways to make money and Philately, unfortunately has become a way of making a quick buck. Most of the dealers are hand in glove with the responsible persons in the department, who are supposedly posted there to help the Philatelists and to promote this innocent hobby. If a Setenant is released, they know that the value will appreciate in no time and they will hoard it and supply it to the dealers at a premium price. (Latest Eg: Triguna Sen) When the genuine philatelist asks for a full sheet, it is refused saying that there is no stock! This hobby is no more an innocent hobby.

    We will definitely need another Anna Hazare and Gandhigiri to clear the rot in this system.

  2. Basheer says:

    Very sad state of affairs. Philately is becoming a big business and the amateur innocent small timer will be kicked out by the big timers who sees this as something equivalent or better than Share Market or Gambling…
    The Postal Department cares only the dealers and not the genuine stamp collector.

    Is anyone listening to this?

    Thank you Phila Mirror for this article. Hope someone takes this seriously!



    Sheetlet of Postal Heritage Building is also rare ?


    In the 70s & 80s there used to be a public announcement in all the Newspapers regarding the issue of a new postage stamp on that day or the day after. Where that has gone & why? In the night news bulletin of Doordarshan they would show videos of the stamp getting issued, usually by some dignitary. What happened? Above 2 items in the media helped a LOT in keeping the commemorative postage stamps in public awareness. I think info about happenings discourages tricksters & scamsters.

  5. Kamran Ahmad says:

    I do not want to say but it is true some Philatelists also help to connect dealers with postal department officials.


    Gandhi, apart from the Mahatma that he was, is now a Brand. In fact
    a mega brand that signifies huge commercial value. Here, moral part of Mahatma Gandhi is subservient to the commercial reality. So many stamps on Gandhi are released because Gandhi sells. And when commerce
    is the first priority corruption usually follows.

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