Post Office at Volcano

\"\"By Virendra Dhundhara

\"\"Vanuatu lies on the Pacific \”Ring of Fire\”, the active zone around the rim of the Pacific tectonic plate. Most of Vanuatu\’s islands are the result of volcanic activity in the last few million years, which is young, geologically speaking. There are some exceptional examples of volcanoes throughout the group with seven active volcanoes visible and several more in the sea. Each volcano has a character of its own and presents a unique opportunity to witness nature\’s unbridled power. Unbelievably Vanuatu Post has established a post box near the fiery rim of Mt.Yasur\’s crater, where mailing a letter is a hot experience! Imagine molten lava exploding in the air meteres from where you are writing and sending your postcard! This is what Volcano Post is all about.The postal outlet on Mt.Yasur is recognised as the only post box in the world on a live volcano and has the support of Vanuatu\’s National Tourism Office. The post box is officially designated by Vanuatu Post as a postal outlet and mail is collected regularly by appointed postal agents. All mail receives a unique Volcano Post cancellation, which will become sought-after items amongst the world\’s stamp collectors. Like the Underwater Post Office, Volcano Post has dedicated stamps and postcards that enable the visitor or collector to keep these unusual and hard-to-find items. Imagine showing your friends a postcard from  the Volcano Post Box, which was sent to you just a lava rock\’s throw from molten lava with temperatures over 1000°C!

Mt.Yasur is estimated to erupt 10-20 times every hour and the volcano is constantly rumbling and causing the ground to shake. Its frequent explosions throw lava showers from its three vents, hundreds of feet in the air. Its cauldron of molten lava is an awesome sight and at night this \”sound and light\” spectacular display attracts many tourists. James Cook was the first European and possibly the first \”tourist\” to come to Tanna in the HMS Resolution in August 1774. He was attracted by the glowing light of the volcano in the night sky and landed in a nearby bay, which he named Port Resolution.

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  1. Can someone from Mt. Yasur,Vanuatu send me a mail with my name and address on it, so that i can have a souvenir from the only volcano post in the world. I will also send someone from there a letter or postcard from the Philippines with the reknown Unesco site of Ifugao Rice Terraces. Here is my address……….

    Roberto D. Tan
    Room202-1225 Benavidez Street,
    Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
    P h i l i p p i n e s

    PS>–You can also send me messages at my yahoo email address at—————–

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