South Africa releases Sumbandila stamps

\"\"The SA Post Office issued a set of five stamps  to mark the launch of South African designed satellite, Sumbandila.Launching the stamps in Hartebeesthoek in the North West province, Post Office chairman, Vuyo Mahlati said the stamps could be used to send any standard-rate envelope to an address in South Africa.The Sumbandila Satellite was launched into space on September 17, 2009 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The R26 million low-orbit micro-satellite, weighs 81kg and offers SA information that would assist in the effective management of disasters such as floods, fires and food security such as crop yield estimation, prediction of outbreaks, as well as safety and security, water resources and energy security.Sumbandila is a Venda language word meaning \”show the way\” or \”pathfinder\”.A total of 100,000 sheets of the stamps, with 10 stamps per sheet, have been printed.

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