Khadi Stamp-Will it Reach at Philatelic Bureaus?

Thousands of philatelists are eagerly waiting for Khadi Stamp.This stamp was printed in\"\" limited quantity ( one lakh) on piece of khadi cloth and released on 12th Feb. 2011 during INDIPEX 2011 at New Delhi. Cost of this stamp is 100 Rs. and it was sold with a presentation pack  of 250 Rs. India Post for the first time made advance booking of Khadi stamp and received thousands of orders in advance.During INDIPEX it was available and center of attraction among philatelists.It is true that thousands of stamp collectors were attended this philately exhibition but a large number of philatelists were not reached New Delhi due to their own reasons. Stamp dealers from the day of releasing this stamp sold it on higher prices and take advantage of mismanagement of India Post at INDIPEX. It was informed by some officials that need not to worry and Khadi Stamp will be available soon at philatelic bureaus across the country.It was a good gesture and India Post included Khadi Stamp for online sell also through its newly started e-shop.All was well and going in right direction and philatelists were waiting for their copy of this stamp at their bureaus .It is disappointing but true that possibilities are very less that Khadi Stamp will reach to bureaus. According to reliable sources some Delhi based dealers purchased thousands of Khadi Stamps by bulk orders one week ago at the price of 275 Rs. It is a matter of inquiry that who purchased these stamps and why India Post permitted.

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7 Responses to Khadi Stamp-Will it Reach at Philatelic Bureaus?

  1. sreejesh says:

    Reports from Chennai Philtelists, that the Khadi stamp is reached at Chennai bureau, and it is selling for Rs. 450/- for folder. Philatelists asked to the bureau staff why this much huge amount is charging, staff informed that it is from the instructions of higher authorities and they refused to give it in writing also. Whether India Post is making money with Khadi stamp like dealers.

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  3. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    I was told that everyone, who was in Delhi, got their chances to buy Khadi stamps, in quantity, on the last few days.Very few had the guts, investment attitude or the money to buy, in lots.Maybe those guys, who didn’t join the bandwagon, were adopting the “wait & watch” attitude.

    All the filatelists in the country were aware of the limited issues of Khadi stamps .Those who had ventured & paid their cash in advance were lucky to ride the horse.
    Everyone was of the opinion that these 1 lac Khadi stamps will not be sold over the counter or thru bookings . They were expecting the excess unsold stocks to be sold thru the Bureaus, which unfortunately didn’t materialise.
    Once they came to know that the Khadi stamps were selling at a higher rate in the market, they’r making all lots of unneccessary comments over the net.
    It’s no good Cryin’ over spilt milk or Make Hay while the Sun shines …….Courtesy of Navjot Singh Sidhu

  4. SRIDHARA says:

    Khadi stamp was printd 0.01 million, but clarified as 0.1 million..this quantity might have been already sold at Indipex 2011 or through direct selling by the organsing committee of Indipex 2011. How is it possible to supply all the Philatelic Bureau of the country. If that fact is true, then let us know what is the authentic figure of Printed quantity. who can answer?

  5. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Whatever happening was well expected. Krishta marry is right.
    When few years old MS are not available at face value than how can one expect this issue on face value.
    If this was really printed in limited quantities its price will become so high soon.I was aware of this so i spent one whole day in indipex for this stamp and now i am having lots of nice swap requests for this beauty.
    I am swapping with only philatelists.


    It just might happen that Gandhi’s Khadi stamp ends up getting overcollected after the initial noise of a few months . In the Indian circumstances the stamp is overpriced & not so serious collectors just might give it a miss.

  7. raghav rohatgi says:

    I got this stamp from ahmedabad philatelic bureau. it is a really good stamp and will be prized high very soon. But its sad that young collectors would not be able to collect this due to high price. 🙁

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