Letter to a Friend in Japan

\"\"In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated areas of Japan, Croatian Post is inviting young people in Croatia to send letters of support to Japanese children and youths affected by the crisis. The letters will also help raise much-needed funds for the Red Cross which has a mammoth task trying to provide the level of support needed. Letters can be written in the form of a message, drawing, haiku poem or a Japanese symbol.

Croatian Post is donating part of the postage cost for campaign letters weighing up to 50 grams. The cost is currently HRK 3,10 but Croatian Post will donate HRK 2,50 for each letter to the Red Cross in Japan – the rest used to help towards the basic costs involved in getting the letters to their destinations.Letters can be sent until 17th April to the following address:Hrvatska posta/Croatian Post P.O. BOX 300 \”Letter to a Friend in Japan“ 10001 Zagreb Croatia

Croatian Post provided some good advice on letter construction for the campaign: \”The people of Japan still value the centuries-old tradition of writing letters, paying much attention to proper form and good etiquette. Letters usually start with seasonal greetings which are often quite poetic, and one should always use the proper title when addressing someone. Such an introduction is then followed by news about the sender of the letter which is then in turn followed by the reason for writing the letter. Letters are usually handwritten, in blue or black ink, and writing brushes are often used instead of pencils. \”A great way to get creative when writing to a friend in Japan is to draw an e-tegami or picture-letter, which feature hand-drawn decorations, such as seasonal motifs. In these difficult times for the Japanese people, we hope that letters written by children in Croatia will bring a measure of joy to the children of Japan.\”

Contact: Office of Corporate Communications, Croatian Post Inc. Phone: +385 1 480 6066; Fax: +385 1 480 6065; e-mail: odnosisjavnoscu@posta.hr (source-HellMail)

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