Release of Commamorative Stamp- Is it a Business?

By Anil Kr. Pujara

\"\"India Post has put up the proforma for the proponents who intend to get the commamorative stamp issued to commamorate any event/honour the personality.For the first time the proforma has been modified so as to include a column asking the proponents to disclose the no of stamps that they intend to buy  n requiring them to deposit the money with Philatelic section in advance.The move of India Post is sending very wrong signal. Does it mean anybody can propose any stamp, deposit the money n take away the complete lot thus depriving the collectors n philatelists from their genuine requirement leaving their collection incomplete and forcing them to buy the issue from the proponent/owner at any cost. Will it not add the element of hoarding/ speculation to the hobby?What steps India Post is going to take to prevent such a situation to take place?


1. Name of proposed Stamp  :- (In English and Hindi(Devnagari)

2. Category of Stamp    :- (Please select the category  from the list available in  Appendix‘A’)

3. Whether a Stamp or Special Cover :- has already been brought out on  this subject ?

3A.   If “Yes”, please provide the details :-  of release

4.  In case of Institution :

a. Name of the Institution  :-

b. Whether this is a parent or   umbrella Institution :-

c. Location   :-

d. Occasion (Number of years):-

5.  In case of Event :

a. Nature of event :-

b. Duration of the event :-

c. Date of inauguration and valediction :-

d. Participation level and quantity :-

6. In case of Personality :

a. Name of the Personality :-

b. Area of the Personality :- ( to be selected from the Appendix ‘A’)

c. Date of birth of the Personality :-

d. Date of death of the Personality :-

e. Nativity of the Personality :-

7. Details of the proponent :-

a. Name of the proponent :-

b. Address of the proponent :-

c. City    :-

d. State    :-

e. PIN Code   :-

f. Telephone   :-

g. Fax Number   :-

h. e-mail id   :-

Contd…2/- – 2-

8. Release details desired :-

a. proposed date of release :-  (Please give 3 options)

b. location of release  :-

9. Enclosures needed  :-

a. Written brief (700-1000 words)     :- Annex ‘A’

b. Source of data and authentication : – Annex ‘B’

c. Visuals-photos, drawing etc.     :- Annex ‘C’

d. Soft copy (CD/DVD)      :- Annex ‘D’

10. In the event of the proposal being approved, what will be the minimum  demand from the proponent : Quantity

a. Stamp @ Rs. 5/- and/or Rs. 20/- –

b. First Day Cover @ Rs. 2/-   –

c. Brochure @ Rs. 2/-   –

d. Cancellation @ Rs. 1/-   –

e. *Presentation pack @ Rs. 100/-  –

f. Deluxe Album @ Rs.300/-                    –

g. Blow up 20” x 24” @ Rs.3000               –

h. Blow up 30” x 40” @ Rs.4000               –

*Presentation pack will contain Stamps, First Day Cover and Information Brochure in a specially designed folder.  Prices of philatelic items are subject to change & will be notified.


1.  Proposal  to  be  received  by  Philately  Division  of  Department  of  Posts at least 18 months ahead of the proposed date of release.

2. Second Commemorative Stamp will not be issued on the same issue/event/occasion/personality.

3. Defence related subjects should be routed through Addl. DG, Army Postal Service.

4. Application will be taken up for consideration only if all the information is complete.

5. Receipt of application does not oblige the Department to issue a stamp, only to consider it.

6. Decision of the Department of Posts will be final.

7. Date will be fixed on the basis of significance of the proposal and/or as per the annual printing calendar.

8. Dates once fixed shall not be changed.

9. Payment for material demanded will be made in advance as prescribed and copy of receipt given to the Philately Division.

I/We agree to the stipulated terms and conditions.

Signature with date APPENDIX : A

(To be enclosed with the proposal for Stamps and Special Covers)





1. Administration

2. Adventure

3. Arts

4. Banking and Financial Institutions

5. Civil Service

6. Defence

7. Discoveries

8. Education

9. Entertainment

10. Environment

11. Festivals

12. Fine Arts

13. Folklore

14. Freedom

15. Infrastructure

16. Inventions

17. Literature

18. Medicine

19. Nature

20. Public Affairs

21. Reformation

22. S&T

23. Social Work

24. Sports

25. Theology

26. Trade and Industry

27. Transport


1. Person

2. Structure

3. Event

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5 Responses to Release of Commamorative Stamp- Is it a Business?

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    India post seems to do business indirectly with philatelists.
    “My stamp” must include but such proposal should not.

  2. Kalesh Kumar says:

    The questions raised by Mr. Pujara is verymuch valid. The Philatelic community is worried about this. Thank you Mr.Pujara for highlighting this and bringing this to light.


    Is it Business? If the draft proforma is accepted having a
    postage stamp issued will likely become a PAGE-3 event & a playground for the MegaRich!! With the nexus of philatelic bureaux &
    stamp business getting stronger over the years at the cost of Hobby/advanced stamp collectors, the signs of the rot were already there.
    And with the sale of Rs.100.- Khadi stamp at a clear profit of Rs.150.- the age of Philatelic department’s true COMMERCIALIZATION has already started.


  4. yes their are making the hell of the money from this business in Name of philately and not even supporting the philately “the good example is INDIPEX 2011 which the event had hand over to the event management” and the philately adviser committee at India post should look in to the above points and take care in future and help the philately in India

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    Thanks to all for supporting the cause which concerns all pure collectors.

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