Austria:Stamp on Car

Austria released a stamp on Puch 500 car on 17th March 2011.As for the history: The

\"\"“Puch Works”, founded in 1899 by a certain Johann Puch, was an Austrian company that produced bicycles, engines, motorbikes, and cars. Johann Puch's first small production workshop was located in the Strauchergasse in Graz, but a few years later production moved to a bigger, and for its time, modern factory. This main plant, later known as the “Einser Werke”, was set up in the south of Graz, in the Puntigam district. In 1912 Johann Puch left the company and became its honorary president. At that point in time the factory employed more than 1,000 workers, who produced around 16,000 bicycles and 3,000 motorbikes and cars a year. In 1928 a merger between Austro-Daimler, Oeffag and the Puch Works created the Austro-Daimler-Puchwerke A.G.The small car sold extremely well; in spite of restrictive clauses in the licence issued by Fiat, of the almost 60,000 cars produced between 1957 and 1975 many were sold outside Austria, most of these being sold in Germany.

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