Stamp on \”Sambha\” is under Consideration!

By Virendra Dhundhara\"\"

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4 Responses to Stamp on \”Sambha\” is under Consideration!


    Arrey!! O` Saambha- come decorate my collection. I am going to put you
    alongside Madhubala.

  2. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Although it is nice to know the Sambha is proposed on Stamps,but Gabbar should come first.
    Without Gabbar Sambha has no importance.
    After release of Sambha ,India post will think about “Kaalia”.

  3. anil kr pujara says:

    If the proposal to issue stamp on Sambha is approved then what crime Cuckoo or for that matter Helen had done. Both were dancers of their Era who also cheered Millions of Indians in their own way n promoted Dance form in Indian Cinema.


    Sambha is a good start OR Indiapost could start with Gabbar even.
    Suggestions I suppose, are open and I propose Mogambo. And a series
    of stamps on Cuckoo, Helen & the Great VaijayantiMala. These and so many other entertainment greats & not so greats have an undeniable
    grip on our emotions. IndiaPost will only enrich itself by issuing stamps
    on personas that captured and ruled our imaginations.

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