Royal Mail Released Stamps on 50th Anniversary of WWF

\"\"The Royal Mail today released ten commemorative stamps in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the animal conservation organisation WWF.Siberian tigers, red pandas and Amur leopards will be stampeding throughout the letterboxes of the UK , representing some of the many species involved in WWF projects worldwide. Other animals include the African elephant, Iberian lynx, black rhinoceros, polar bear, African Wild dog, Golden lion tamarin and mountain gorilla. Along with every set of ten WWF stamps you also receive four smaller stamps depicting the Amazonian Rainforest.All the stamps are also FSC certified, confirming that the Royal Mail produce them on sustainable sources, in conjunction with the WWF\’s approval. 

This is another example of the Royal Mail\’s attempt to keep up with progressing technology and utilising the idea of smartphones to scan their different ranges of interactive stamps. By downloading their free app Juniao, you can access exclusive features from their channel, directly to your phone.
With over 2.5 million stamp collectors in the UK, and smartphones on the rise, the Royal Mail have certainly embraced and incorporated fast-paced technology into their company, benefiting their customers.

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