Rare Penny Black Stamp

By Dr.Pradeep Jain
\"\"The one penny imperf adhesive stamp was first of adhesive stamp used in Great Britain.It was first issued on 6th May 1840.These stamps which were printed in sheets of 20 horizontal rows of 12 stamps in each line.The lower corners of all stamps contained different set of combination of alphabet letters.The corner letters on this early British stamps were intended as a safeguard against forgery in that era also.For example the first stamp of first row will have AA and the last 12th one of first row will have AL likewise the lowest row will have TA, TB to TL in last one.\"\"
It has the postmark so-called \”Maltese Cross\”design was the first employed for\"\" obliterating British postage stamps and was in use from 1840 to 1844.A red ink was first employed, but was superseded by black, after some experiments, in February 1841.Maltese cross obliterations in other colours are rare.This one is intact letter which was closed on back with red wax
Here this penny black belongs to plate 2 with alphabets G-L means this stamp is last one from 7th horizontal strip of that sheet and having cancellation of 29th July1840. To decide the value of these stamps we have to consider the four factors-quality of Impression, Margins, Cancellation and its overall Appearance.
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