Monaco Will Release Stamps on Lizard and Plant

\"\"On the 20th April 2011, Monaco Post will release  set of 2 stamps which depict a Gecko and a herbaceous perennial plant.

2,30€ – Gecko (Tarentola Mauritanica):The Tarentola mauritanica, commonly referred to as the Wall Gecko, is a nocturnal arboreal species found in the coastal Mediterranean region. It appreciates stony ground and scrubland and can often be found climbing walls, particularly at night near light sources to hunt nocturnal insects.

0,03€ – Mercantour National Park – Columbine
The Columbine (Aquilegia de Bertolonii) is an herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the ranunculaceae family that is commonly found in the French and Italian alpine regions. It prefers well exposed sunny areas unlike other aquilegia species. It is listed as a protected species in France.


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