India:A Philatelic Wonder

By-Anil Kr Pujara\"\"At the time of release of SPECIAL COVERS ON Queens Baton Relay, special covers were being released from different different places/parts of the country to mark the event of arrival of Queens Baton. In the process of collecting these special covers, I had been sending Emo to all connected Post Offices. In response to one emo sent by me, I received FDC of Queens Baton Relay without the name of the Post Office. Here is the scan of the FDC It bears the clear  cancellation but the name of cancelling the concerned Post Office is conspicous by its absence.I do not know what term should be used for this. Should this be simple innocence or error or innocent ommisiion or carelessness.Whatever term u use, in the cannons of history it will go down as error be it innocent or due to carelessness.

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5 Responses to India:A Philatelic Wonder


    Mr. Pujara, I am of the idea that your cover is worth equal to the market
    value of a set Queen`s Baton used stamps+ the cost of envelope if one agrees to pay for that.


    Mr Garg, I dont think this site is a shopping forum.I dont Mr Pujara had any intention to get the value of this cover assessed. The motive of the site is to promote philately n display the philatelic material which is of the beat for information sharing only with like minded collectors.


    Mr.Virendra. I’m in a huge Philatelic Dilemma. My stamp dealer friend
    almost always charges maximum for a mint, ( say a Gandhi-1994 se-tenant). Lesser for it’s FDC- that’s slightly more INFORMATIVE. And
    is ready to sell a brochure/folder at a fraction- that I never buy despite
    the article it has. Why? Am I Crazy? Maybe! When I was a student
    some 35 years ago a dealer in Lucknow sold me ‘color variations’ at 5/10 times the going price then. Later I realized that they were solarized stamps. I paid the price
    trying to possess something unique & maybe , hopefully RARE.

  4. Naresh Agrawal says:

    It is a nice observation.Along with the date, a cancellation must have the name of the canceling office/authority.As informed by you,I believe this has been issued by a post office only. It seems as if the cancellation has been made in hurry and probably the name f the post office has been missed out. An error!!!!!!!!!!!of course.

    Please note.. for an error to be an error, it needs to be proved.You must try to get some other pieces from that office and then write to them about your observations and get a reply from them regarding this faulty cancellation.Then only it will be a philatelic piece to be preserved and displayed otherwise simply speaking any one will treat it as a private cancellation.
    But thanks for sharing this observation…….

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Mr Aggarwa. Nice to read your observations. I would like to clarify that this neither incomplete cancellation nor cancellation done in hurry. It is very much authentic cancellation. As I had sent emo for ten special covers of Queens Baton cover to released on the occasion of arrival of Queens Baton in that area. Instead I got these covers more than 1 in no. as no special cover was released from that place.Any way I shall try to collect other evidence also as suggested. Thanks again.

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