98 Proposals of Stamps on Personalities are Awaiting Approval

\"\"After Independence of India, since August, 1948 to February, 2011 total 815 Commemorative Postage Stamps on prominent personalities/dignitaries have been issued.

Applications containing proposal for release of stamp in the name of various personalities received are placed before Philately Advisory Committee (PAC) for consideration. A list of proposed ninety eight personalities is awaiting consideration of the Philatelic Committee. Decisions will likely be taken after the recommendation of the PAC at its next meeting.
This reply was given by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in response to a question in Parliament.(PIB)

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4 Responses to 98 Proposals of Stamps on Personalities are Awaiting Approval

  1. dr. Pradeep Jain says:

    India is the only country having this big list of stamps on personalities. Even an Indian who has good enough GK will not be able to recognise half of them, there is no qustion to describe their achievements.If we will go in details about 40% of total personality stamps are on persons belong to south because most of the time this dept. is owned by ministers from south.There should be a fixed ratio and a limit should be fixed that every year 8 to 10 stamps will be released on personalities.Otherwise in coming years collectors will select the stamps and these so called PERNONALITIES will rest eighter in the treasury of postal dept. or only with their relatives.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Dr Jain, I fully agree with you and fully endorse the views. Not 40% but 60% personalities who have been decorated with commamorative stamps are unknown to their street children if I am not to be misunderstood, even their descendents may not be knowing their achievements making them eligible for such a high decoration.It calls for immediate check.Collectors hard earned money should not allowed to go down the drain like this n this beautiful hobby should be allowed to become a ground to satisfy the political urge or mental blog of few should be allowed to dominate this hobby.I urge upon all the like minded to join the move to stop this mind bogling race. Their are enough number of themes to be explored. Tourism attractions to be promoted. Games can be encrouged.Why no concern for this ?

  3. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Philately is well organised and popular hobby in the world.So many countries are using it’s potential. Nowadays many countries are experimenting with new technologies in Philately.Thematic philately becoming very popular these days.
    It was clearly visible in Indipex that despite of 250 Rs per pack, the sale of khadi stamp on Gandhi Ji was the most successful event, because of Gandhi theme and innovative step by India Post for first ever stamp on cloth .
    Now time has come India post must understand and take initiatives to improve its quality.
    This is era of new technologies.


    Shhhh…please keep quiet! Do not divulge the details of personalities’
    residence that adorn our stamps. For, if the rest of India- Western,Eastern,Central & Northern began to ask for their fair share of
    personalities we, poor collectors might enter pre-1930s era of faces only

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