Induction of an Arjun Tank Regiment in Indian Army

\"\"The indigenous Arjun tank was formally inducted into one of India’s elite armoured regiments on 12th March 2011 by Lieutenant General A K Singh, AVSM, SM, VSM, GOC-in-C, Army Commander, Southern Command. Reviewing an impressive parade witnessed by many senior officers of the Desert Corps and serving soldiers and veterans of 75 Armoured Regiment, General A K Singh, lauded the professionalism of our valiant soldiers. He voiced the collective pride of Indians on such a modern and sophisticated main Battle tank being produced indigenously.

The ceremony also marked the passage of T 55 tanks from the inventory after forty years of reliable service. Many of the veterans present were moved by the departure of their trusted tank.75 Armoured Regiment has a unique history. It was raised in captured Pakistani territory in March 1972. After successfully fighting the 1971 war, three independent armoured squadrons were merged to create the Regiment. For the gallant actions fought by its squadrons, the Regiment was conferred the Theatre Honour ‘SINDH’.

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3 Responses to Induction of an Arjun Tank Regiment in Indian Army

  1. it is a good commendable move to have pur own battle tank. if it needs improvements, have an ongoing programme for updating it with design improvement.
    with best wishes

  2. It is imperative for a nation to be self sufficient in Defence weapons and equipments like in food supplies for its people.
    In the coming decades, our future generation need not look at others either for food or for weapons to defend ourselves.
    it is only on these two pillars the fondation of our nation can be built.

  3. During critical periods of time, a self reliant nation will never be vanquished. The foundation for self depedency is laid brick by brick over long periods of labour and sacrifice, and it will withstand the testing time to come out victorious. History is replete with such examples. .
    The need to build our own R&D today is stronger than at any other time to deliver what we need in our immediate and distant future. Having been there very frequently , I have seen what America has done in their country and we need to draw lessions from it.
    The cost of borrowing or buying technology is exceeding expensive and you more often land up buying what is obsolescent. The seller will hardly ever part with its latest.

    Col(retd) H N Choudhary

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